Open Doors – The Supplier of Choice

Trusted by Local and National Home Builders

Open Doors is proud to be the supplier of choice for reputable home builders across the country. We work with industry leading organisations to ensure the highest quality materials and components are used in your client’s home.

Find out how much Labour costs you can save with two-piece jamb

Flat jamb vs. two-piece jamb installation

Watch the video to see how much time and labour costs can be saved by using two-piece jamb instead of other jamb alternatives

Family Owned

Not only local but family owned and run. Privileged to have customers & staff journey with us for over 10 years.


We don’t believe in the impossible, only yet to be resolved challenges. Sought after for our ability to create solutions to complex design considerations.

We Care

OpenDoors exists because we care. That’s where our heart is and that’s where our profits go. For our Community and our Environment. 


The little things are a big deal to us. We pursue precision in our product and our performance to ensure our Customers receive the solution and the service they desire.

Our Promise

A high quality product and personalised service with a commitment to stand behind both our product and our service.

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