Door Types

Hinged Doors

Hinged Doors are our ‘bread and butter’ at Open Doors. We are extremely proud of our ability to produce houselots of Doors fitted in their frames complete with Jamb, Architrave, and Hinges. Our precision CNC and experienced production team are able to produce a consistently excellent finish to meet the needs of our many volume builder clients. At the same time our team of skilled joiners are able to hand craft the most technical of door solutions to meet a range of residential and commercial boutique applications

Cavity Sliders

Whether you’re short on space or looking for a door that makes a statement by disappearing when opened, a Cavity Door may be the solution. Cavity Doors discreetly ‘disappear’ into the wall and can be fitted with both soft and self close options

Wardrobe Sliders

Sliding wardrobe doors are a sleek and functional way to keep the contents of your wardrobe closet or cupboard tucked away. They provide easy access and the flexibility of covering a wider opening than is practical with a hinged door. Choose from a range of double or triple doors and/or track systems to meet your design requirements and opt for built in mirrors or feature panels to add practical functionality where desired

Face Sliders

Face sliding doors are perfect for use in an environment where you may not have room for a hinged door to swing open nor are you able to use a cavity slider due to constraints preventing a cavity pocket being installed inside the wall. As such they are ideal for renovations where you don’t wish to break into the wall allowing a feature door to be visible both when it is open or shut.

Bifold Doors

Bifold hinged doors are ideal where space for a single hinged door to swing open is limited and there is insufficient room for a cavity or face slider to clear an open space. Often used for laundry, office, or storage cupboards, or as room dividers where the doors are able to lay back against the wall creating a spacious opening between two rooms.

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