Barn Door Designs


NZ Farming Towns Series

For your typical ‘Barn Door’ look, these images give a good indication of design ideas, however we are committed to making your dreams come true so if you see something you like or have a particular design in mind share your ideas and let’s make it happen.

Clevedon A

Clevedon B
Taranaki A
Taranaki B
Queensberry A
Queensberry B
Whitford A
Whitford B
Otaki 2
Otaki 4
Otaki 6
Dimensions used below are to illustrate proportion only.
Taranaki -A
Whitford – A

Doors are shown and named by referring to the track-side view with the door in the closed position.

The proportions are based on the dimensions shown and angles will change depending upon height and width.

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