Why Choose Our Barn Doors

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Read below to learn more about what makes our barn doors different

Thicker 60x10mm rail

Our rail is thicker than imported rails, giving a heavy duty look and feel and increases it’s sturdiness.          

Customised for Skirting Thickness

The last thing you want is for your new barn door to have a big gap behind it letting in light, noise, and drafts or for your barn door to scrape against the skirting. We ask for your skirting thickness and customise the gap behind the barn door to ensure this gap is as minimal as possible (generally around 3mm).

Customised for Architrave Width

We ask for your architrave width to ensure that when you close your barn door it closes flush against the edge of your architrave. This creates a more visually appealing look. However, this can be customised to your preferences.

Custom Design Options

Have a specific design option in mind? If you have an idea, send it through to us and we can try and bring it to life.

We can work with you to ensure that your barn door is exactly how you envisioned.

Locally Made and Manufactured

Our barn door tracks are locally made and manufactured specifically to your requirements. You can be confident that the track is what was decided because each barn door track is bespoke

After Glass Panel Barn Door?

These doors are a great option if want to create a contemporary industrial look or you need a door that will not block out the light, keeping an open feel to your space, but still maintain the wonderful functionality of a barn door.

Family Owned

Not only local but family owned and run. Privileged to have customers & staff journey with us for over 10 years.


We don’t believe in the impossible, only yet to be resolved challenges. Sought after for our ability to create solutions to complex design considerations.

We Care

OpenDoors exists because we care. That’s where our heart is and that’s where our profits go. For our Community and our Environment. 


The little things are a big deal to us. We pursue precision in our product and our performance to ensure our Customers receive the solution and the service they desire.

Our Promise

A high quality product and personalised service with a commitment to stand behind both our product and our service.

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